Friday, February 10, 2012

A Short Reflection on Traveling Abroad

I'm back! My three and a half months in the U.K. and Europe were amazing! For more about that, check out my travel blog here: 
(P.S. I'm still working on getting it finished, so be patient and I hope you enjoy what's up there so far.)

I must say, being back in the States has been very weird for me. On the one hand, it was such a relief to fly into New Jersey (probably the only time I'll ever be thankful to fly into New Jersey -- I'm a New York person, I think). But it's very bittersweet; when I finally sleep-staggered off the plane, I already missed the calm British voice saying "mind the gap."

Being abroad has widened my perspective of the world and I have a lot more topics to write about now, so keep following to see more of all that fun stuff. Thanks for following me; enjoy!